Purchasing Nissin Parts

Nissin cannot sell parts directly to you

Thank you for contacting Nissin Brake Ohio regarding your vehicle (automobile, motorcycle, or ATV) brake system. As a world-wide manufacturer of advanced brake system products for a variety of original equipment vehicles, we welcome suggestions and comments from our end-user customers.

If you have a question regarding the availability of repair or replacement parts, please understand that Nissin does not sell to the retail market. The brake system, as probably the most critical functional vehicle system, is custom engineered to match the specific specifications and performance criteria defined by the OEM vehicle manufacturer.

The replacement parts are supplied through that OEM manufacturer. The vehicle manufacturer typically has a network of service dealers who maintain a full inventory of replacement parts. The dealer is in the best position to assess your vehicle and its performance to ensure that any repair is thorough and complete. Questions regarding current and earlier model vehicles can be best answered by the dealer’s service specialist.

If you have any difficulty locating a dealer, we suggest you contact that OEM's Customer Service office. A Customer Service Representative will respond to your specific questions and can guide you to the nearest authorized dealer.

Thank you again for contacting Nissin Brake Ohio.